Founder of Fairbairn's endopsychic structural theory, influenced toHarry Guntrip's object relations

William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn (1889-1964)

This is Fairbairn's bio. For related theories see Fairbairn's endopsychic structural theory, Harry Guntrip's object relations.
  • Analyzed Harry Guntrip (Guntrip, 1975)

  • Contributed to Melanie Klein's naming of paranoid-schizoid state

    It will be seen that some of the conclusions which I shall present in this paper are in line with Fairbairn’s conclusions, while others differ fundamentally. Fairbairn’s approach was largely from the angle of egodevelopment in relation to objects, while mine was predominantly from the angle of anxieties and their vicissitudes… the particular emphasis he laid on the inherent relation between hysteria and schizophrenia deserves full attention. His term schizoid would be appropriate if it is understood to cover both persecutory fear and schizoid mechanisms. - (Klein, 1946, page 3)


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William Ronald Dodds Fairbairn