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Regressed ego

Mentioned in Harry Guntrip's object relations

Guntrip's concept of the regressed and repressed libidinal ego in the study of schizoid personality.

Since, however, anxiety situations cannot be kept out of even this private inner world, it precipitates a final split in the infantile ego which permits a most secret hidden core of the self to regress completely into what is probably an unconscious hallucinated reproduction of the intrauterine condition. At least, that is what is sought, though the result may be experienced as a fear of dying. Certainly severe hysteric, schizoid, and psychotic patients act out this condition. A regressed part of the total ego has gone back into the womb driven by an intensity of fear that is absolute, an ever-present threat.

Guntrip, Harry. Schizoid Phenomena, Object Relations and the Self (Karnac Classics) (p. 88). Taylor and Francis. Kindle Edition.

central feature of the schizoid personality is the inability to effect personal relationships because of a radical immaturity of the ego, involving in severe cases a profound mental withdrawal.

abid. 90

Similarity with Winnicott

Your split in the libidinal ego seems to have a lot in common with my ‘hidden true self‘ and the ‘false self built upon a compliance basis’ (a defence in illness, and in health simply the polite self that does not wear its heart on its sleeve). I do think that research can usefully be based on these ideas that are in the air and which you are developing in your own way. (Oct 31st, 1960)